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5 African students studying in the US.

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Please join me in supporting the Dream of this emerging filmmaker as he tells the compelling story of 5 African youths who pursued knowledge at an elite American university, MIT. Over 4 years they discovered engineering, the world, themselves. Help these young people who are working to make their own dreams come true.

Please help us spread the word about a documentary that follows 5 African students studying in the US. Start here




“100,000 Strong” China Study Abroad Initiative Event

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Remarks by the First Lady here

First Lady Michelle Obama: “When You Study Abroad, You’re Helping to Make America Stronger”

About the 100,000 Strong Initiative
The 100,000 Strong Initiative aims to increase significantly the number of Americans who have the opportunity to study in China. Citing the strategic importance of the U.S.-China relationship, President Obama announced the Initiative in Shanghai in November 2009, and Secretary Clinton officially launched the effort in May 2010. The Initiative is designed to help educational institutions establish or expand China study programs. It also seeks to reach communities that are traditionally underrepresented in study abroad, including minority, community college, and high school students, as well as students in the science and technology field and those pursuing advanced degrees in China studies. The Initiative relies exclusively on private-sector funds. More information about the Initiative can be found here

Akira Suzuki urged Japanese youngsters to study abroad

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Nobel Prize laureate Akira Suzuki urged Japanese youngsters Monday to study abroad and broaden their views, just as more are growing hesitant to do so.

News photo
Nobel cause: Akira Suzuki, winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize in chemistry and a professor emeritus at Hokkaido University, faces reporters Monday at the Japan National Press Club in Tokyo. YOSHIAKI MIURA PHOTO

The chemist also called on senior academics to make greater efforts to instill in younger generations a sense that science and technology are interesting, as science is crucial to the country’s survival.

“(While I was abroad) I made many foreign friends. (I also got to know that) there is a world out there that we do not know,” Suzuki said at a luncheon at Japan National Press Club in Tokyo. He spent two years from 1963 as a doctoral research fellow at Purdue University. Continue here