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The 7 Keynote MBA: How to Save 2 Years and $100,000

Monday, December 26th, 2011

By Jonathan Fields

Jonathan has collected seven of the best-ever videos about small business, small business marketing, work, and life, and put them into a single post.

Jonathan calls them “seven extraordinary moments with seven great visionaries.” I agree.

Guy Kawasaki’s “10 things” list crushes a bunch of start-up myths, shows you where to spend your time, money and energy when starting and growing a business. Here

Malcolm Gladwell draws a stunning lesson about business, observation, problem-solving and refusing to be bound by the assumptions of others…from spaghetti sauce.  Here

Gary Vaynerchuck shares what it really takes to “make it,” beyond money, goals, plans and whiz-bang technology. Here

Annie Leonard reveals the mindblowing and often horrifyingly inadvertent impact what you create has on the world, the people and the environment around you. Here

Jim Valvano, legendary former NC basketball coach shares how to keep perspective in trying and, for him, life-threatening, times (you’ll want a few tissues for this one, but don’t you dare skip it). Here

Seth Godin challenges you to rise to the call to lead, to tap the growing opportunity to organize others and rally them around a powerful cause. Here

Tony Hsieh reveals the driving importance of a company’s culture as the critical factor in lasting growth and success for any business. Here

Source : Jonathan Fields