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EC Learn English

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

The English Blog, one of the best blogs for Language Lovers, suggested us today the EC’s Learn English siteEC’Learn English has some interesting resources for those who want to learn and improve their English skills. To begin with, there’s the free daily lesson, which you can receive by email. There’s a nice mix of idioms, vocabulary and articles at different levels, which should appeal to a wide range of learners. You can also find over 600 past lessons in the archive, organized into categories. Find the site here

Picture 2

The Power Social Networking

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Footage of the Great Dupont Circle Snowball Fight — from the Northeast section of the Circle. Video here

Black History For All

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

“Young people, they don’t feel that interested (in civil rights and black history), I don’t think. They need to be pushed, they need to be encouraged. They have these ideas that are instilled in them, whatever their ideas. But when they come here, they develop their own understanding, they develop their own ideas. They see the why, the how come, and they begin to ask questions.” — Museum volunteer Georgina Toro-Lugo.

Source: Nico Colombant

In Their Own Words with Nico Colombant: Black History For All

Need extra study help before finals? Try ProProfs

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Finals are around the corner, and you are are probably buckling down to study hard. ProProfs is a great choice if you seek some extra study helpQuiz Schools, Flashcards, Brain Games, Forums, Tutorials are some of the Free Tools available on the site. We believe you should definitively take advantage of those great tools.

Click here to connect to ProProfs.

20 Facebook Applications to Assist in Your Job Search

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

When Facebook entered the scene it was a social networking site with a niche market targeted specifically to college and university students. You had to have a valid school email address in order to become a member. Facebook nixed that requirement and the sky became the limit. Users of all ages began to flock there as a way to stay connected. According to a 2010 demographics report created by istrategylabs.com, out of the approximately 103 million US Facebook users 64 million of them are between the ages of 25-55+. Facebook is no longer viewed as an online college dormitory; it is a valuable personal and professional networking source.

If you are familiar with Facebook, then you know you can add applications to your profile. Applications range from throwing sheep at your friends to instrumental career/job search tools. Using applications on Facebook that are targeted toward careers and career growth will create a stepping stone to get you that job of your dreams.

Here are some popular Facebook Applications you can add to your profile. These applications are created to assist with employment searches and networking, this way you can be in the know about the employment marketplace even if you aren’t looking.

Get the list of applications here

Source: AskBink

Breakdown of the Average Student Budget

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Interested in knowing how college students spend their money? This insightful graphic shows the breakdown of the average college student’s budget.

Download graphic here

Source : Westwood College

101 College Blogs to Put You in the College Mood

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

WordPress, Blogger, TypePad…there’s all sorts of blogging platforms – and higher education is using them!  College blogs are a fun way to learn about college life.  Straight from the colleges themselves, (though not necessarily a reflection of that school’s opinions) you’ll discover fun campus superstitions, big events and celebrations, exciting classes, or even new majors.

Follow along with the life of a college student or read what college admissions has to say.  Some may be more descriptive than others, but they all possess value: a peek at the inner workings of colleges and universities.  It’s a great way to stay on top of college life – and aid you in your college decision-making process!

The list is available here


Source : My College Guide Blog

Enjoy today’s edition of Travelin’ Local’s Sit Back Saturday

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Saturdays are often the day people like to go hiking, take a bike ride, or do a little window shopping. For today’s Sit Back Saturday, here’s some ideas for your consideration:

- Today’s ride, in which bike friendly Santa Monica actually was: Enough said.

- A Few Tips for Drivers to Enjoy a Day at the Beach in Sunny Santa Monica: Santa Monica’s beach is world renowned, but driving to it, finding parking, and then paying for it, can be a hassle. Gary offers an alternative.

- Green weekender: Beaches, bikes, and Ballona Creek cleanup with Bass: With so many activities happening each weekend, consider some new ideas to relax courtesy of our very own Green LA Girl, who has several up her sleeve.

- Malibu’s Charmlee Wilderness Park: An Easy Stroll with Ocean Views: If you’re thinking about hiking this weekend, Malibu sounds like it’s the perfect place.

- Seasons of Southern California: Two excellent photos showing the difference between the summer and winter here in beautiful Southern California. Yes Virginia, we do have winter here.

- Flower Farming in Los Angeles: Yesterday and Today: The title is a dead give-a-way, ya think?

So now you’re armed, ready, and willing with some additional ideas for added fun and recreation this weekend–that is, if it doesn’t rain; and even then, it doesn’t mean that some ideas on the list are to be X’d.

If it does, and even if it doesn’t, here’s one more cool idea for your Saturday fun:

- Free Tastings at Book Soup Signing: Featuring food journalists behind the book EAT: Los Angeles 2010 at Book Soup, which includes free food. That’s definitely a cool place to hang out tomorrow.

When Travelin’ Local, rain or shine notwithstanding, Los Angeles has just about anything to do that’s suited for your needs and wants.

by Lisa Newton, Travelin’ local

Learn and Improve English at EnglishCafe

Friday, February 19th, 2010

English Café is a great new web site that is dedicated to providing a community atmosphere for English teachers and learners.  Not only does it provide a place for learners and teachers to connect and share lessons, photos, audios, and classes, but it also provides each and every user with some amazing e-learning tools including:

•    Your very own blog for both teachers and learners.  Teachers can blog about any topic of their choosing and can even turn it into a lesson for their students.  Students also have the chance to write their own blogs to practice their English, or as an assignment from a teacher.

•    EC Toolbox – Patent-Pending Suggestion Tool allows teachers to correct and comment on learners’ written work they post to English Café.  It also allows you to translate and hear sections of text.

•    Multimedia Library including photos, audio, files, videos, etc.  English Café allows users to upload their own materials to include in their lessons, blogs, quizzes, or just to share with other users.

•    EC Recorder – this online software that is available to all users allows you to record either audio or video directly to the English Café site using your microphone or webcam.

•    Lesson Builder – You can create your own lessons to share with other English Café users directly on the web site.  The lessons can include any of the materials from your multimedia library, and are automatically archived for both your own convenience as well as the users.

•    Quiz Creator – Each lesson is followed by a quiz to help students test their newfound knowledge, and English Café provides a great online tool to help you create that quiz in to time at all.  It even includes automatic scoring, multiple choice answers, and you can even imbed audio, video, and photos.

•    Groups – Join a group that suits your interests to be able to interact with like-minded people.  This can be a great way for learners to practice their English on a topic that’s interesting to them.  Alternatively, it is a great way for teachers to choose a topic that will keep the learners’ interest without having to rack your brain for ideas.

•    Calendar – Schedule one on one session with students or an online class with multiple students.  English Café even integrates with Skype and Dimdim to effectively communicate with your students.

These are only some of the amazing features English Café provides to its users, but there are many more.

English Café was featured in the first edition of ESL International’s newsletter.

Comment :
This site is a great and complementary resource for students seeking to gain English knowledge and join a world-wide conversation about words and culture.

We highly encourage you to use it in addition to attending English Language programs.

Los Angeles, by Joseph F. Mailander

Friday, February 19th, 2010

It is possible to disappear, for months, even years at a time, even for a whole lifetime, into the city of Los Angeles, in a way that it is impossible to disappear into other cosmopolitan places.

In other great cities, you may become superficially anonymous: in other great cities, nobody may know you, and you may even be enough of a hermit to have your groceries delivered. But in these other cities you still walk your neighborhood, say hello to the same clerks, and occasionally escape into the kind of reassuringly madcap evenings that satisfy your predilections over time. However, in Los Angeles, where the clerks turn over every month, the madcap evenings are never dependable but disappear as marketing trends as soon as they are discovered, and where there is also a far sharper demarcation between commercial and residential property than exists in other great cities, you transcend anonymity, and truly disappear. Read the complete essay here

Joseph Mailander is a writer raised in the South Bay in Los Angeles. He graduated from Hawthorne High and UCLA You can find on his blog here