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2013 Internship USA Trends

53% of companies plan to hire more interns in 2013 than they did in 2012. This is an amazing news as many of you begin searching for your summer 2013 internships!

This number came from the Internships.com survey.

They surveyed over 7,300 students and recent graduates and over 300 companies to uncover how students and employers really feel about internships. They looked back at the 2012 internships season and forward to 2013.

Here are some highlights

Supply and Demand in the Internships Market

53% of companies plan to hire more interns in 2013 than they did in 2012
65% of companies received more applications in 2012 compared to 2011
63% of 2012 college graduates have completed at least 1 internship

Who Gets Hired: Employers Value Work Experience over Academic Experience

66% of employers believe interview performance and relevant work experience are the most important factors in their hiring decisions
Relevant work experience is more important to employers than strong academic performance
Employers rank college/university preference as the least important factor when hiring interns
Good News for Recent Graduates: 83% of employers would consider internship applications from recent college graduates.

Internship Experience Overwhelmingly Positive: 85% of employers say hiring interns was a positive experience while 86% of students polled say that their internship was a positive experience.

Virtual Internships on the rise: 33% of employers hire virtual interns – a 20% increase from 2011 to 2012, while 71% of students are open to the idea of completing a virtual internship.

Internships are the new interview: 69% of companies with 100 or more employees made full-time job offers to their interns in 2012.

Check out this insightful Infographic.

internships infographic 2012 Infographic: Internships Survey and 2013 Internship Trends
Courtesy of: Internships.com

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