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Insights from Live Talk with Robert G. Courteau, President SAP North America

Hi everyone,

Last week, I attended my first live talks‘s event in Los Angeles.

Keith Ferrazzi, the world’s foremost expert in professional relationship development, interviewed Robert G. Courteau, President SAP North America.

SAP is the market and technology leader in business management software, solutions, and services for improving your business process.

The subject was Managing Innovation in the Information Age.

The ambiance and the participants reminded the time I was working at Business Objects, SAS and HP France.

Here are some insights for you:
• Every event is an opportunity to grow and do a better job.
• You have to be aggressive if you want to win and grow.
• Listening to your customers, employees and partners is fundamental to grow and innovate.
• Don’t place safe in business. Take calculate risks.
• It’s important to spend time analyzing the things that don’t work. Don’t focus only on the victories.
• There are more and more opportunities with social media, analytics and cloud applications.
• Organizations embracing home offices and teams are more virtual (they are using tools, such as Cisco Telepresence).
• Companies must give employees opportunities to become accountable, compete and responsible for the business.
• Define who are and focus are critical in business.
• Companies must create an environment where people are happy, which includes allowing them to bring their own device to use social media. Engagement and relationships are keys.
Advices to build a professional career: go for as many as experiences you can, develop your professional network, help people, be genuine, develop relationships, volunteer in your community, build a brand that is liable and has a culture, be relevant, be specific and an expert in your niche, be approachable and people oriented.
• Companies need a strong foundation to innovate. There is not foundation without people.
• Interested in working at SAP, here are some of their focuses : shopping list, analytics and social media, consumer royalty / branding, create experiences for their customers, cloud applications.
I found out that he is from Montreal, Canada. Then, we talked a little bit in French.

We briefly talked about my experience at Business Objects and foreign students’ concerns.

Here are his suggestions for international students who want to become the best executives.

While the congress is working on the immigration policy, students must:
• Come to the USA to get higher education
• Build their professional networks
• Build their personal brands
• And look for ways to get professional experiences
According to Robert, the Americans college students who want to become the best executives must go to Asia first.

During his interview with Keith Ferrazzi, I leaned that one of his top executives is from India. Prior to working at SAP, that person came to the USA as an international student.

Hope you will find this insightful.




Here’s the video of the Live Talks Business Forum with Robert Courteau, President of SAP North America in conversation with Keith Ferrazzi

Robert Courteau in conversation with Keith Ferrazzi from Ted Habte-Gabr on Vimeo.

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