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What do you want to be when you grow up? The truth is that we ARE grown, yet many of us still don't know what we want. Sure, we may have a job or even a career, but are we truly fulfilled? If not, unfortunately, that is normal. Jean-Marc Dedeyne, knows your feelings because he lived them too.

Born and raised on the beautiful French island of Martinique in a home filled with love but also a bit of dysfunction. In 1993, young and alone he moved to France where he earned a Master's degree, traveled to 25+countries and spent the first 10 years of his career at SAS and HP. In collaboration with his teams & partners, he generated over $43M.

He eventually moved to the US in 2006, completed an Entrepreneurship's certificate at UCLA, and started a business. During this process, he had to put his dream on hold to help his father recover from 4 consecutive strokes, improve their relationship and assist family. Then, 3 years later he nearly died in a car accident.

Above all, he rose with grace and an unshakable faith in God.

In the wake of integration challenges he experienced in the US, he felt compelled to help others in the same situation. Ultimately, he started a business called U in the USA helping foreign students, expats, and entrepreneurs adapt to American culture. All in all, he has culturally immersed himself within a community of 3500+ expats. He earned dozens of written testimonials and various media articles in outlets worldwide, which praised him as a disciplined and optimistic self-made entrepreneur with high integrity and a global outlook.

That experience helped him sharpen his true passion as a coach, speaker and writer. Moreover, after a long time of soul-searching, Jean-Marc Dedeyne made the decision to focus on his only purpose, which is to help others find purpose, so that they feel cared for, liberated to celebrate their differences and empowered to contribute to a greater cause. He is now dedicated to helping foreign born entrepreneurs uncover what makes them unique, capitalize on their strengths, define their aspirations, and find their purpose in life.

Jean-Marc Dedeyne is also writing his highly anticipated new book.

After all, Jean-Marc Dedeyne donates his time to LA Internationals, Ethnic Ministry, International Visitors Council LA, and St. Sebastian Church.

Need help to find your purpose in life? Contact Jean-Marc Dedeyne here or at jmdedeyne@uintheusa.com.

Jean-Marc Dedeyne CEO and Founder1-310-928-3079

PS: our new website will provide you with more details soon.